• Rain Delay

    Rain Delay

    Each image I share in my portfolio tells a story. Sometimes there is more than...

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  • Stormy Rainbow

    Stormy Rainbow

    Nebraska author Willa Cather said, “There are some things you learn best in calm, and...

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  • Survivor


    Old timers always said the arrival of new neighbors was confirmed when the barn started...

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  • One More Time

    One More Time

    Volunteer leaders, like Ernie Barnes featured in this image, offer hundreds of hours of their...

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  • State Fair Fun

    State Fair Fun

    Straw bales outline a makeshift racetrack on the main concourse of the fairgrounds. The more...

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  • Waiting to Sing

    Waiting to Sing

    Many times rural folks do not realize that birds, like the red-winged black bird in...

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  • Maybe Next Year

    Maybe Next Year

    Maybe next year I will do that. It’s fun being a farm kid and going...

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  • Ducks on the Lily Pond

    Ducks on the Lily Pond

    In the garden area that surrounds the United States Botanic Garden near Capitol Hill, ducks...

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  • Waiting for First Pitch

    Waiting for First Pitch

    Scuffed softballs and favorite bats sit idle in the dugout waiting for first pitch. Long...

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  • Holliwell Bridge

    Holliwell Bridge

    One of several covered bridges in Madison County, Iowa, this bridge is on the site...

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  • Happy Street Pup

    Happy Street Pup

    This Happy Street pup greeted everyone he met with a smile.   He lives in New...

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  • Artistic Sales

    Artistic Sales

    Before billboards lined streets and highways, advertising was painted on the side of buildings.   When...

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  • Broken Boots

    Broken Boots

    Hard work, long days, early mornings, and late evenings; these broken boots tell a story. ...

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  • Cherry Blossoms in the Fall

    Cherry Blossoms in the Fall

    Long after the blooms have withered away, the leaves of the cherry trees provide the...

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  • 14th Street

    14th Street

    The nights are never quiet along 14th Street NW in Washington, DC. This neighborhood is...

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  • Hospital Hallways

    Hospital Hallways

    This long, lifeless hallway in the closed hospital on the grounds of Ellis Island seem...

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  • Bayside Graffiti

    Bayside Graffiti

    The beach is far from pristine. The meaningless graffiti scribbled on the park bench adds...

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  • Cherry Blossom Fireworks

    Cherry Blossom Fireworks

    Colors explode above the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, as part of the annual Cherry...

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  • One Day Closer

    One Day Closer

    Just after dawn on an early spring morning, the cherry trees surrounding the Tidal Basin...

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  • The Reading Room

    The Reading Room

    Inside the main building of the Library of Congress, visitors have the opportunity to view...

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  • Cathedral Peace

    Cathedral Peace

    In the stillness of the early morning, an altar in a chapel in the Washington...

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  • Saluting a Leader

    Saluting a Leader

    They stood at attention at the grave of their fallen president. Their salute was as...

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  • The World Awakens

    The World Awakens

    As the world awakens on a cold winter morning, the brilliant colors announce the arrival...

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  • City in Change

    City in Change

    Row houses near Howard University in northwest Washington, DC, are overshadowed by more recently built...

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  • Fenced in Open Walls DC

    Fenced in Open Walls DC

    The Open Walls DC is an art initiative in Washington, DC, that provides spaces and...

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  • Coney Island Fog

    Coney Island Fog

    Carnival rides stand silent. Their operators retired for the day. Thick fog has replaced the...

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    The New York skyline is one of the most recognizable in the world. Like so...

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  • Friday Night Match

    Friday Night Match

    New York City is a mix of many cultures. In a park near Chinatown, men...

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  • NYC Twilight

    NYC Twilight

    Beyond the the steel supports of the Brooklyn Bridge, two of the most recognizable buildings...

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  • Radio City Music Hall

    Radio City Music Hall

    One of the most famous landmarks in New York City, the neon of the marquee...

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  • Walker Street

    Walker Street

    Reviewing images from my most recent trip to New York City, I laughed when I...

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  • The Typewriter

    The Typewriter

    An old manual typewriter sitting near a window of an antique shop begged me to...

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  • Antique Reflections and Connections

    Antique Reflections and Connections

    Tucked away in the corner of an antique shop, light fixtures and other decorations are...

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  • New Day

    New Day

    As the doors of this restaurant in Chelsea Market open to customers, employees are busy...

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  • Hot Night in the City

    Hot Night in the City

    Hot night in the city—maybe not. New Yorkers are used to dodging the steam billowing...

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  • Street Portfolio

    Street Portfolio

    Not far from Times Square, the sign advertised authentic, creative images of the city.   That...

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  • Endless Time

    Endless Time

    Hanging side by side on a rack in a shop along a street in New...

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  • The Tree

    The Tree

    Stationed on a hill that overlooks the city, stands this tree. This tree, like others...

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  • Steve’s Combine

    Steve’s Combine

    In the fall when crops are ready to harvest, combines dot the landscape from early...

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  • The Bridge

    The Bridge

    I was excited to be in New York City. It was Friday night and I...

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  • NYC Happy Place

    NYC Happy Place

    People, regardless where they live, need a happy place. The space where you a clear...

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  • Making Friends

    Making Friends

    A visit to the National Mall never seems to be complete without meeting one of...

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  • U Street Alley Walls

    U Street Alley Walls

    The alleys and vacant walls along the U Street corridor in Washington, DC provide the...

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  • Final Days

    Final Days

    Chipped pottery, a corroded steam heater, and paintless window frames hold what’s left of broken...

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  • Rooftop


    In New York City, if the brick and plaster walls street side are filled, the...

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  • The Kiss

    The Kiss

    Few have never seen the famous photo taken at Times Square on V-J Day of...

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  • Tales of the Revolution

    Tales of the Revolution

    Dedicated re-enactors from the First Virginia Regiment recreate scenes depicting colonial life in Old Town...

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  • The Flute

    The Flute

    Talented street musicians can be found in most urban areas. It is not unusual to...

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  • Roadside Frost

    Roadside Frost

    One cold and frosty morning, I could not help but remember Sunday mornings, years ago,...

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  • Quiet Light

    Quiet Light

    Most days this image would just capture stump, rock, and a pile of fallen tree...

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  • The Storms in the Neighborhood

    The Storms in the Neighborhood

    On a hot summer’s evening while taking a walk through a soybean field, storm clouds...

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  • The Trail

    The Trail

    A friend confided in me that when he needed to think he always walked a...

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  • The Martin Barn

    The Martin Barn

    It stood for decades along U.S. 81 in southeast Nebraska. The Martin Barn, a local...

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  • Whooping Crane Visit

    Whooping Crane Visit

    Six whooping cranes made an unexpected stop at a swamp near my farm in southeast...

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  • Longhorn Survivors of the Past

    Longhorn Survivors of the Past

    Longhorn cattle were fashioned entirely by nature. Decedents of the first cattle brought to the...

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  • Windmill at Day’s End

    Windmill at Day’s End

    Wind power is not new. Long before engineers began to design today’s wind turbines, farmers...

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  • Day’s End

    Day’s End

    As the sun sinks below the horizon, cold atmospheric temperatures create the glow providing the...

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  • Porcine Curiosity

    Porcine Curiosity

    Pigs are intelligent and inquisitive animals. Each has its own personality and quirks. Some pigs...

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  • Hometown Christmas Morning

    Hometown Christmas Morning

    Christmas lights glowing peacefully were a welcome sight after getting up early and finding the...

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  • Thought Filled Reflection

    Thought Filled Reflection

    The farmyard reflected in his sunglasses, Neil takes a few minutes to gather his thoughts....

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  • The Goal

    The Goal

    Drive through any neighborhood in the suburbs or rural village and you will likely see...

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  • Blue Bridge

    Blue Bridge

    I can remember very vividly the first time I walked across a bridge. I was...

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  • Rustic Stairway

    Rustic Stairway

    Just about the time you think you are lost or have reached the end of...

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  • Fall Splendor

    Fall Splendor

    In rural areas where pastures and prairie dominate the landscape, fall colors can be hard...

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  • Road Ditch Beauty

    Road Ditch Beauty

    When driving in the country, quite often we miss the most beautiful sites. Grass weeds,...

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  • Hazy Escape

    Hazy Escape

    A quiet country lane, leaves phasing into to fall, fog and harvest haze are the...

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  • The Lake

    The Lake

    Calm waters, fading light, and trees reaching out above the surface to provide resting places...

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