Rain Delay

Each image I share in my portfolio tells a story. Sometimes there is more than one story in the image; it’s all how you interpret the scene.

Some of my colleagues in agriculture will not view this image as a pleasant. What they see is one more time a rain will delay corn planting. After months of planning and preparation, this adds another challenge on top of the normal stress experienced during planting season. Rain delays can be costly and have long-term negative effects throughout the growing season. Rain is good, it’s the delay that is the problem.

The other story in the image is a much more pleasing. The beautiful storm clouds continue to brew in the background; the storm has passed and the sun is shining again. The calm after this the storm is relaxing. The early evening light illuminates the bright yellow tractor washed clean by the rain. The reflection of the equipment in the clear rainwater is a refreshing change after planting in dry ground earlier in the day. This rain delay is welcome moisture returned to the soil.

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