Through my lens you will enjoy agriculturmetropolis, a beautiful blend of what makes our nation great. We’re connected though separate. We’re intertwined though strangers. From my rural agrarian upbringing through my life and career in Washington, DC, I observe the ordinary and extraordinary. Let me show you how beautiful we are in our diversity, our passions, and our commonality.


Work, special events, celebrations and quiet time all are part of our daily lives. Each of the images in my portfolio tells a story. Capturing the emotions of people at work and play add a level of depth to the images featured in my portfolio. Still life shots tell stories of the past and those yet to be experienced. Life in opposite cultures can be the same if you seek for dreams instead of differences.


All too often we take for granted elements of nature in our own culture. Natural beauty is everywhere; from the most remote rural areas to large metro areas. The blossoms of spring and colorful autumn leaves are just two elements of natures that can be found in both cultures. Storm clouds, sunsets, an abandoned beach, secluded shoreline, and a quiet lake are just a few wonders of nature I share.


Works of art are much more than the strokes of a brush, clay molded into sculptures, and etching on glass. Images in my portfolio capture the work of street artist that use their talents to tell the story of their neighborhood, champion causes, and re-record historic events. Many of the images I have chosen to share are captures of still life items from the past and the present.