The Flute

Talented street musicians can be found in most urban areas. It is not unusual to hear a trumpeter playing a familiar jazz tune or a sax player in dark glasses sharing emotion with each breath.   Having traveled the busiest streets in some of the largest cities of the world, I thought I had seen and heard every type of instrument and every style of music. I was positive the light tune from a flute was a recording. You can only imagine my surprise when I discovered the gentleman in this image performing for a small street side crowd. He passionately shared piece after piece. Most folks listening and passing by left a tip; his music was soothing, and presentation style unique. I heard no one ask if he was a professional or just out to make a few extra bucks. More importantly, I heard no one trying to stop him or tell him to get a real job. They respected the fact he was an artist and worked on the streets of Old Town.

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