Bayside Graffiti

The beach is far from pristine. The meaningless graffiti scribbled on the park bench adds a touch of class to the scene. This is Dead Horse Bay. The bay is small body of water located between inlets near Barron Island in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. Walking along the beach, it is obvious the past continues to haunt the area. Over time the area has had been used in a variety of ways including manufacturing fertilizer from the remains of dead animals, producing fish oil from the forage fish caught in the bay, and, more recently, a landfill for the disposal of New York City’s garbage. This is Dead Horse Bay. The debris at water’s edge is multi-generational; medicine bottles with pharmacy names imprinted on the glass, a coffee pot missing lid and cord, glass soft drink bottles, and skeletons of turtles. This is Dead Horse Bay where a park bench covered with meaningless graffiti lends beauty to the landscape that tells the story of its past.

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