Old timers always said the arrival of new neighbors was confirmed when the barn started going up. The first structure built and the last to remain were barns like the one in this image. Situated on a hill overlooking the low ground along the Sandy Creek, this area was originally selected to be the location for a new community. Plans changed as the new rail line was being built and area landowners offered ground near the tracks in hopes of attracting new residents and businesses to the area.

Besides the local significance of this old barn, it will always have a special place in my journey. A child turning the corner in front of this barn was the signal we were about to arrive on the farm that was home to my grandparents and later my uncle and his family. A trip up the hill to check out the farmstead was, quite often, part of our Sunday afternoon entertainment.

While shooting this image, a bit of melancholy set in as memories of other explorations flooded my thoughts. As a photography student and later as a reporter at the local newspaper, shots of this barn completed many class assignments and filled out pages.

This image was shot on Earth Day, 2016. Even though its condition has decayed, the structure reminds us that for farmers and ranchers; everyday has been Earth Day.

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