The Bridge

I was excited to be in New York City. It was Friday night and I was with friends heading out to shoot the New York skyline in the evening light. We turned a street corner and could see the outline of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was so pumped to get to the other side to shoot photos. Thinking we were heading to the nearby subway station, my friends told me we were going walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Wait, didn’t they know I was afraid of heights, could not swim and most likely would be the first person to fall through the cracks in to the river?   Expressing my fears, friends offered to walk with me. Their advice, “Just look straight ahead.” You can see in this image, I didn’t wander too far from the middle of the walkway. Focusing on the path before me, I decided to shoot this image which was one of three we shot on the bridge. When my feet finally hit the ground in Brooklyn, I felt the same relief as when I walked across that rural bridge many years before.  I have been fortunate to cross many bridges and experience new and different cultures.

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