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When Being Organized Is Not Enough

After trumping my great uncles ace, ending our game of five-point pitch, he threw down his cards, looked me in the eye and laughed as he said, “When you pit skill against luck, luck wins most the time.” When you are eight years old, you don’t forget moments like that and have no clue you will...
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When the Perfect Image Is Just Out of Your Reach

The yearly peak bloom of the cherry blossoms is one of the most anticipated events in Washington, DC.  Photographers and nature lovers clear their calendars when the official dates are announced. Being organized is the key to capturing images before the crowds are out in force. This year, circumstances have been a bit different.  Several weeks...
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Always Remain Teachable and Organized

Our professional happiness can support our personal happiness if we always remain teachable. How to to remain teachable and organized has been a challenge. Over the past few years, my friends, family and colleagues have told me, “You wear too many hats. You need to slow down.” Not a chance! A little over a year ago, a...
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