When the Perfect Image Is Just Out of Your Reach

The yearly peak bloom of the cherry blossoms is one of the most anticipated events in Washington, DC.  Photographers and nature lovers clear their calendars when the official dates are announced. Being organized is the key to capturing images before the crowds are out in force.

This year, circumstances have been a bit different.  Several weeks of unusual weather patterns have wrecked havoc with the formulas used by the peak bloom prediction corps. Like so many of my friends, I have made scheduled tree visits a priority since the early blossoms began to appear.

One very cool morning in the trees, I spot a few early blossoms a bit higher than my reach. After a shooting a few frames, I had to come up with a better plan. Putting on my farmer’s hat, I identified the skills and tools necessary to carry out my mission.

I’m sure it was not the first time an upside-down five gallon bucket supporting a vertically-challenged person with a longer lens was spotted in the trees.

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