Monthly Archives: June 2017

Along the Banks of Old Blue

It was laid back kind of afternoon when I decided to take a drive along the Mississippi River in Illinois. Needing a break from the fast pace of the highway drive, I asked a local resident where to find the scenic drive along the banks of the river. Looking at a map, she pointed at the...
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Storm Clouds

Last week hailstones littered the ground when I arrived at the farm in Nebraska. Ranging in size, from marbles to golf balls, they stripped plants of their leaves, paint from their buildings, and leaving dents deep enough to hold water on vehicles. Camera in hand, I began to capture photos of the damage: a few broken...
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Beauty in the Viewfinder

Hiking the Billy Goat Trail along the Potomac in Maryland, I was about ready to give up and admit I was likely the least experienced hiker in the group.  The trail was more challenging than I expected especially when carrying my “big girl camera”. The pathway narrowed as we rounded a corner and rimmed by a...
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