Storm Clouds

Last week hailstones littered the ground when I arrived at the farm in Nebraska. Ranging in size, from marbles to golf balls, they stripped plants of their leaves, paint from their buildings, and leaving dents deep enough to hold water on vehicles.

Camera in hand, I began to capture photos of the damage: a few broken windows, lots of dents, and stripped paint. Then, as though it was planned, the sun headed to the horizon creating a one-of-a-kind sunset.

Looking through the viewfinder, I began clicking the shutter capturing the beauty of a sunset on what hadn’t been the best of days.

As I aimed my lens to the east, reality began to sink in. The volatility of the clouds in this image sent a chill down my spine. We were lucky, no one had been hurt, the physical damages could be fixed, and the trees and crops would recover.

It was a beautiful moment to end the one hail of a day!

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