Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Untold Story

When you flip on the television to watch the Preakness Stakes on Saturday you will be treated to glamorous event coverage. There will be folks dressed in their finest, tipping their glasses, and celebrating the second jewel in the triple crown of horse racing. On an early morning tour of Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Course my friends...
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A Real Mother Goose

Last evening I watched a pair of Canada geese parent their young. The comparison between the evening rituals at the ponds and a lot of human homes was surprising. First a few facts about the Canada goose. They mate for life and because they are a bit unstable the first couple of years they just learn...
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A Farmer and Duke

Road trips capturing images of farmers planting corn were at the top of my list while at my farm last week. Getting those clicks this year was challenge. Drought conditions and gusty winds at times made it difficult to follow the tractors in the field. Despite these nasty weather conditions farmers and their support crews were...
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