A Farmer and Duke

Road trips capturing images of farmers planting corn were at the top of my list while at my farm last week. Getting those clicks this year was challenge. Drought conditions and gusty winds at times made it difficult to follow the tractors in the field.

Despite these nasty weather conditions farmers and their support crews were getting the job done. Seed was being delivered to fields and refilling planters was as efficient as any NASCAR pit crew

Every year I look forward to at least a couple hours in the field with the family that farms our ground.

This year I met Duke, an Australian shepherd pup riding in the tractor with my friend Neal. Between fills Duke would nap, keep watch out the window, or look up with the cutest puppy smile, silently asking for a treat.

The minute the tractor stopped Duke was up, waiting at the door ready to run, while the planter was being loaded. The wind kept him busy as he chased anything moving. He enjoyed being a pup and it was evident his owner enjoyed having the company.

As I watched them interact I noticed besides being the new member of the family, Duke was a great companion. The long days, nasty weather, and pressure to get the crop in the ground disappeared for a bit when his farmer smiled, scratched his ears, and handed him a treat.


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