Learning To Relax and Letting it Happen Sounds So Simple

Thanks, Mother Nature, for reminding us to be patient the past few weeks. A few teaser days when temps were near 80 degrees and the local meteorologist wasdeclaring spring was just around the corner. It did not happen.

Sitting on a rock on the banks of the Choptank River on the eastern shore of Maryland, I was mesmerized as hundreds of ducks were gathering to enjoy corn snacks. The challenge for this workshop was to capture images of drake and duck of each species. It sounded like a simple goal, after all this was not the first time I had photographed ducks.

I started to question my sanity. I was cold, sitting on a rock and blaming Mother Nature for ruining my day. I wanted spring weather, the ducks to pair up and parade in front of me so I could shoot the most awesome duck pair images ever captured. Wishing for all those things didn’t make them happen.

It took a teachable moment, a reminder from our workshop instructor, to be patient, sit back, relax, keep watching the ducks and focus on their behaviors. It was not long before the rock didn’t feel so cold, the colors of my surroundings became more vivid, and the ducks seemed to find their mates. It was going to take time but it was going to happen!

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