My Neighbor Winston

Winston is a handsome Corgi that lives next door. He was a bit shy when we first met, but after a couple of elevator rides, his natural love for attention won out and we became friends.  

His human best friends, Samantha and Rocco, chose the courtyard at the Market Common, a nearby busy retail hub, as the location for his Pet Food Institute photo shoot. Like many dogs living in neighborhood, he is comfortable and feels safe when he visits the high traffic areas nearby.     

His floppy right ear gave him the perfect cover as he played hide and seek. We didn’t have heart to tell him his left pointed ear gave him away. He knew he was the winner and flashed a doggy grin while giving Samantha a high five when he collected his winning treat.  

One of the neat things about Winston is that he is very social, and once you are his friend, he greets you with a very special doggy hello! 

Out My Back Door

This image, captured Sunday on a Maryland horse farm, pretty much sums up my adventure so far this week. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already caught myself coming and going out my back door.  

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