Willow Tree Dreams

Trips to visit my great Aunt Hilda were always an adventure. She was an antique dealer and had a lot of collectables in her little home. The front room was well organized just in case a buyer called looking for a specific piece.

For a kid, the adventure was walking through the house without knocking over anything that could be sold.

The only furnishings that didn’t change between those visits were the old rose-colored sofa, matching chair, and a faded print of a willow tree by a lake in a fancy gold frame.

I had forgotten about those trips until last weekend. As the afternoon light glowed thru the willow trees in this image, I was transported back in time. Instead of sitting on a park bench in a crowded city I was in Aunt Hilda’s front room staring at that print, dreaming about sitting under that willow tree.

On the next trip back to the family archives, I’m looking for a gold frame. I have the perfect image of a willow tree that will always remind me of those adventures to Aunt Hilda’s house.

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