The Wild Goose Chase

Long before sunrise I grabbed my gear and coffee to go on a wild goose chase, I was headed to a lake 40 miles down the road. The full moon illuminated the sky and off to the northeast I saw a few birds in the air. The wild goose chase suddenly became a quick drive to the local lake.

I stayed in my Jeep not wanting to disturb the flock. More birds were beginning to get restless. Suddenly without much warning the entire flock was lifting from the waters of the lake.

My viewfinder was filled, leaving little room to capture the scenery surrounding the lake. The flock this year was large enough that birds could be seen landing in the corn fields a mile away just as the last geese were leaving the water.

I headed down the road and settled on a spot just as the moonlit landscape was being bathed with the first rays of sun.

The constant chatter of the geese seemed to fade away for a few seconds as the final groups of birds were gliding to the field. It was the perfect way to start the day.

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