Summer Storm Clouds

Watching clouds build in the east I grabbed my camera and was out the door. A summer storm and windmill are two of my favorite items to photograph when I’m in rural America. Barns, fairs, and livestock round out my top five.

I quickly framed my shots. So many wonderful colors were blending together in the morning light. As you look closer you will notice that this storm had the potential to produce some decent rain and wind.

This was the morning of the great eclipse and I had traveled to my friends’ place to set up my gear to shoot that event. The rain hung around a bit longer than I thought was necessary so the gear bags were closed and I was heading down that long drive in just a few minutes.

Traffic was beginning to build as I headed back to my farm in hopes the rain and clouds would stay to the east.

After a full week of shooting photos in rural Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, being in the path of totality of the eclipse topped off this past weeks’ adventure.

As a bonus I captured many images of my top five and look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

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