When I first met Sully at Bartholdi Park, I knew it was going to be fun and very busy afternoon shoot.

Before starting, Sully checked for ducks in the fountain and greeted the folks that were relaxing on the benches. He’s a resident of the East Capitol Hill neighborhood and loves to carry on a conversation with most everyone he meets.   

Moments later, when we settled in to do his Pet Food Institute photo shoot, it was easy to see the key to Sully’s personality is his expressive eyes.  

They sparkled as he splashed through the fountain and glistened happiness when he was rewarded for taking a break.  

Later, when we wandered over to Spirit of Justice Park, another of his favorite hang- outs, they reflected total happiness as he ran for a dip in the water.

Road Trip Time

My annual fall harvest photography road trip in the Midwest is coming up. I look forward to adding many new up -to-date harvest, farming, livestock and rural life photos to my galleries. 

Several photo shoots are being planned. As in years past, I always have time for more. 

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