Portfolio Category: Nature

Road Ditch Beauty

When driving in the country, quite often we miss the most beautiful sites. Grass weeds, bushes, and wildflowers go unnoticed as we hurry from place to place. One evening in early fall, I was preparing to walk into a pasture to capture images of the sunset. Carrying my gear thru the tall grass, my eye...
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Hazy Escape

A quiet country lane, leaves phasing into to fall, fog and harvest haze are the elements of this image. The most beautiful images captured in the country are a record of the interaction between environment and nature. This scene is a perfect example of a natural blend of elements leading to destinations unknown....
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The Lake

Calm waters, fading light, and trees reaching out above the surface to provide resting places for birds. Nearing day’s end, hawks wait for nightfall while blackbirds and crows prepare retirement for the night. It was going to be the perfect recreation area; a dam built as part of a conservation system, a park that would...
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