Portfolio Category: Animals

Whooping Crane Visit

Six whooping cranes made an unexpected stop at a swamp near my farm in southeast Nebraska. Five adults and one juvenile spent several days at the Father Hupp Wildlife Management area. Whooping cranes are the tallest birds in North America and are an endangered species. This image was captured from a public viewing area one...
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Longhorn Survivors of the Past

Longhorn cattle were fashioned entirely by nature. Decedents of the first cattle brought to the New World, the Texas Longhorn is known for its characteristic horns that can be up to seven feet, tip to tip. Longhorns have been introduced into herds near my hometown in Nebraska. When capturing this image, I was continually being...
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Porcine Curiosity

Pigs are intelligent and inquisitive animals. Each has its own personality and quirks. Some pigs crave attention waiting by the fence to have their ears scratched. Others, not as fond of attention, are happy just hanging out in the back of their pen. The piglet in this image was curious. He wanted to get closer,...
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