More Than Pretty Flowers

Peak Bloom finally arrived this weekend, ushering in the crowds of people who had been waiting for the famous Cherry Trees to flower.

The journey around the tidal basin can be uncomfortable if you don’t learn to ignore the large crowds, swinging selfies sticks and strollers. It does take a few trips around the water to understand how practice and patience can turn a crowded visit into an adventure.

Sunday morning I added large cup of coffee to my gear bag. Little did I know those few minutes spent brewing my espresso would be so important.

When the impatient visitors were about to push my patience over the edge I headed for the back of the tree line to open up my coffee. Away from the hustle and bustle on the sidewalks I began to relax.

The adventure began to take roots as I sipped my coffee and I looked away from the crowds and into the trees. In the twisted branches adorned with pink and white blossoms birds and squirrels were enjoying the cool spring morning.

Blue jays, cardinals, cedar waxwings, robins, and sparrows sang in the trees adding just the right amount of melody to mute the noisy crowds. One more time I discovered the adventure is more than pretty flowers.


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