More Than a Barrel of Junk

As I was waiting on a friend to help shoot some cattle photos, I noticed this barrel full of junk sitting beside the barn. It was hard not to notice the detail and the variety of colors and textures.

As I looked through the viewfinder I realized this was more than just a barrel of junk. There was a story in that barrel of worn out metal.

Go ahead look a bit closer. You see barbed wire that kept cattle in their pasture and eye bolts that at one time were screwed to gate posts. A simple item with such an important job, providing the strength to swing open and firmness to hold closed.

The metal straps most likely had been wrapped around a bundle of new wooden posts. As you look closer, you see the smooth wire, one of the most important items on the ranch. Some even call it a rancher’s best friend. If you can see the story in this barrel of junk, you know it takes hard work, patience, love for family, dedication to livestock, and baling wire to hold it all together. There is a story in that barrel. Just take a look.

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