Moment in Time

As a photographer, my greatest reward is having the opportunity to share moments in time with others.

My images tell a story and many times more than one. As a photographer, my greatest challenge is making sure that when I click the shutter, I have recorded that single second with just the right amount of detail.

There are many stories in this simple image captured on a cool evening in the Nebraska Sandhills. Many viewers will simply focus on the stars in the sky. Others will compare the sky to one they have viewed in the past.

My detail-orientated friends will look for the more complex story. They will see the stars and the sand pushing its way through the dry pasture grass, the windmill, and the water tank. I am willing to bet they also glanced at the horizon to spot any grazing on it.

As I watched the stars appear it was difficult to concentrate on camera settings and proper composure. It was a beautiful moment in time.

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