Almost Missed Story

It is not unusual for my farm girl thinking to overrule my artist eye when scouting for new landscape image opportunities near the farm. It is so easy to miss the story when driving those hometown roads.

Cory mentioned he was going to a pasture. I asked to meet him there to shoot some new cattle images. Driving across the pasture in the Ranger, it didn’t take long for the cow to come looking for us and I started clicking my shutter.

After we stopped, Cory headed off to inspect the herd while I walked over to a shady area along the water.

Still looking at landscapes, I almost missed the bullfrogs in the water and the grass loaded with dragonflies. After that discovery, I decided to go back to capture more cattle images.

Those bullfrogs and dragonflies will never know how important they were that day. Those clicks were enough to inspire my artist eye. Finally I could see the story I was seeking. Green grass, water in the pond, a beautiful blue sky, Cory, and the cows.

Hey Cat!

A few of you asked where’s the kitties? This cat was one of several we met when I did a Pet Food Institute shoot at a stable in Maryland. Be sure to follow my blog to meet more of the PFI project pets coming next week.

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