Mickey at Home

Mickey is an active, super cute pup.  She keeps busy playing with toys, running a lot, sitting on the sofa and, once in while, napping. Mickey loves attention and relishes her time in the spotlight.    

I photographed this Havanese puppy in the home she shares with her favorite human, Mary Kay. Puppy photography can be unpredictable. In an instant a pup can go from sprinting across the room, to a time out for a treat, and then maybe a nap. Her last treat break was followed by a search for her feline sister, Scubey. She finally caught up with Scubey for a bit, then headed to the sofa for a nap next to her best friend, Mary Kay. 

Mickey’s photo session was commissioned by the Pet Food Institute in Washington DC. The Pet Food Institute represents American pet food and treat makers. Their members produce 98% of dog and cat food made in the US. As the trade association, PFI focuses on promoting legislation and policies that support the manufacturing of safe pet food. 

There are so many perks when doing young pup photography. Perks like playing fetch, tug of war, crawling on the floor with your camera, and playing hide and seek.  You get a bit of a break when they take a treat time out. The coolest perk being you get to be part of their story. 

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