Meeting Challenges to Provide Food, Feed, and Fiber for the World

I have driven the country roads between our farms thousands of times. Most often I am thinking about what I have to do next after my roadside crop check.

Earlier this summer I stopped, set up my gear, and shot this image of a field near one of our farms. We needed rain. I focused on the building clouds in the west, shot a few frames, put the gear in the Jeep, and headed down the road. I have to admit I forgot about this shot until last week.

The scene you see in this image is how most days ended for the farmers in our area this growing season. Hope that the clouds would provide natural moisture and thankful there is enough groundwater to irrigate their crops.

As another growing season ends, I’m reminded once again that farming is a career filled with challenges. Despite the lack of rain or in some cases too much, farmers and ranchers continue to meet these challenges and others as they provide food, feed, and fiber for the world.

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