Maddie on the Run

Maddie was adopted from a shelter where she delivered a litter of pups! A visit to her favorite dog park in Washington DC was the perfect place to meet her and to create her Pet Food Institute photo shoot.   

Her personality is the perfect blend of laid back and active. She was on the run most of the time during her shoot, except when she stopped to socialize with other dogs.  Maddie’s favorite hobby is stalking squirrels. Mary Emma her favorite human and thinks Maddie was a hunting dog in a previous life!     

Maddie is between 8 to 9 years old and shares a home with Mary Emma and her sister dog, Pepper.  Her story is much different than when she was adopted.  Today that story is filled with love, good health, happiness and chasing a squirrel once and a while.  

Out My Back Door

Pet photos are only part of my portfolio:  landscapes, farm animals, flowers, wildlife, birds, landmarks. The list just keeps growing.   

“Sunset at Seal Cove” was recently added to my landscape portfolio. This photograph was captured on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, while attending a Capital Photography Center Scouting Workshop. 

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