Light Changes

I have driven one of the Little Blue River bridges in my home county many times this past week. The first few times I traveled it I thought “hurry up or you are going to be late, just don’t forget you saw a couple of hawks circling down river”.

After that, each time I caught myself looking up scanning the skies for the birds.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon I spotted the hawks and quickly pulled over to the side of the road. I picked up my camera and headed back up the bridge to look for the birds.

The sun would set in an hour and half, I needed to get out of town to a location I had scouted to capture the end of the day sunlight. What was happening?

I felt riveted to the ground, I needed to leave, but just couldn’t do it. The bare branches began to take on a new glow, and the flowing water around the sand in the river below was turning a dark blue.

It was the only moment in time when all the elements would work together along Little Blue to create this marvelous view. I did not want it to change. I wanted to bring others to see how, even when it’s been a dry year there is beauty in nature, if you just take time to watch the light change.

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