Last Hike of Fall

Returning from a meeting I did a quick detour for one last adventure at Great Falls Park this year.

Grabbing my photography gear I decided even a short hike would help cure my “can’t wait for summer to return blues.” Heading up one of the most familiar trails, I began to recall my first trip to the falls.

That trip, like my most recent, was on a sunny afternoon in early December. Only a handful of people were walking the trails that day. It was a beautiful quiet afternoon. I discovered a couple of spots that were perfect to sit and think. Or better yet, not think!

Heading up the trail with my camera last week it was not long before I arrived at one of my favorite stops. I was the only one there, except for a couple of squirrels that were too busy preparing for winter to care if I invaded their space.

It was a perfect afternoon to just absorb the beauty of nature. There was still a bit of fall color in the trees and the water deep blue. The sound of the water rushing below was mesmerizing. After capturing a few images I put my gear down.

I took a seat on a rock. Time to sit and think. Or better yet, not think!

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