It’s Cold Everywhere

Let me be clear this blog is not about how cold it is in the Midwest vs. the East Coast, Texas, or West Coast. Furthermore this piece is certainly not to create more social media debate if schools should close when temps are frigid.

Today’s blog is not about when I trudged through knee -deep snow to get to school when I was a kid. I hate to disappoint, just because Facebook thinks I’m old enough to make that claim, it doesn’t mean I did.

Here’s the deal I know it is not fun doing chores in the blowing snow, scooping out driveways, thawing water pipes, or sliding down hilly streets on black ice. I also know you may not have liked all the challenges faced so far this winter.

It is time to quit dwelling on thermometer, wind chill, slick streets, and closed schools.  You have done a great job so far handling the weather challenges, thank you!

Go ahead dream about working in the fields, hiking in mountains, checking cattle in pastures, commuting with the windows down, and possibly exploring new territory.

Be sure to watch for next week’s blog because change is on the way!!

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