It’s a New Year

I am convinced most everyone thinks about making New Year resolutions. I’ve seen a long list on social media since Sunday night, resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, get out more, study new subjects, travel, get organized at home and at the office.

I am also quite confident many of these January quests will end up lost in the shuffle of everyday life. I admire those that stick to their resolutions.

After a lot of thought, well not sure it was a lot of thought, I have decided that realistic goal setting is much more practical. The best part about goal setting is that they can have short-term or long-term results.

I know from experience a person must be careful not to create sub-goals that complicate the entire process. It is way too easy to sit back in our comfy, familiar chairs and keep doing things the old way.

Last year I set the goal to get organized, to use my time better, create a daily calendar and focus on the schedule. The thing that messed it up quite simply was not practicing the goal. I did not allow myself enough practice time to turn it into standard operating procedure and the sub-goals took over.

Do I have a list of goals for 2018?  Of course, but this year’s list is very short.

Goals for 2018:

  1. Practice last year’s number one goal.
  2. (see above)

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