Hint of Green

Every season of the year I make it a point to drive a few miles along country road not far from the farm. Pastures on one side and crop land on the other, a perfect picture of agriculture in the country. This year has been a bit different.

As the crops in the adjacent fields are drying for harvest, fall colors are starting to take over the green. The setting sun was illuminating the plants, creating a familiar glow most often seen much later in the year. It is only the first week of October.

The glow in the west was persuasive. I was in a bit of a hurry to get down the road, yet my gut said stop, there might be something different this year.

I glanced to the west as I picked up my gear and immediately knew why I needed to capture this image. The hint of green in the grass was a welcome surprise. This image, like this year, would be a bit different.

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