Filter From Your Heart

Years ago, my favorite college instructor was explaining the basics of photography to our class. She talked about the elements of the photo, “Look for the textures. Let your eyes see the scene and have your brain record it. Be an artist and filter from your heart.”

My first visit to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens was early in the morning. I was stunned when we entered the gardens, beauty was everywhere and I was determined to capture it all.

The Lotus flowers and water lilies were so splendid it was challenging to capture an image that might be a bit different - one image to be unique and only mine.

Reviewing my work later that day, I was puzzled I had taken so much time to set up one shot, capture the bee from just the right angle, and look for the beauty in the frame.

Ready to give up I spotted the missing image, at least I thought it was, it looked different than I remembered until I began to filter with my heart.

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