Cold Temps, Hot Coffee, More Adventure

Cold temps, hot coffee, warm clothes, and talking back to the guidance system voice in the Jeep.  Add in a dose of patience, learning new skills, meeting new people, and seeing friends and you have my recipe for the perfect way to spend a day.

It is that wonderful time of year when the Bald Eagles return to Conowingo Dam northeast of Baltimore. A year ago, I questioned my sanity as I was leaving at zero dark -thirty to attend photography class almost two hours up the road.

On the return trip that November afternoon I knew nothing would be the same. I circled the week on my calendar. I began researching a few necessary gear changes to schedule more learning opportunities and practice.

The year prior my only attempt to photograph wild birds came when a Whooping Crane decided to make a stop at a swamp near the farm. They were beautiful and over a half mile away, specks in the glass of my camera at the time.

Previous animal and avian photography adventures were limited to backyard birds, bunnies, farm animals and a deer or two that made a wrong turn.  All of these were fun experiences, yet none compare to seeing a Bald Eagle soaring through the air.

So what is on my schedule this week?  At least one more visit to the dam, stops at other areas where birds gather in the fall, and lots of hot coffee.

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