Chesney, a big beautiful yellow (fox red) lab, only weighed 12 teeny, tiny pounds when Tara brought her home. Today she is a sweet, fun-loving 14-year-old canine that knows her way around Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. 

It only took a few minutes to get to know Chesney. The three of us settled down under large shade tree on the Capitol grounds. A familiar place where she felt safe, relaxed and could just be Chesney.  

Words are not enough to describe the bond between Chesney and Tara. Only an image can really tell their story.  This picture captured at Chesney’s photo shoot for the Pet Food Institute says it all.   

The Pet Food Institute (PFI) represents American pet food and treat makers. Their members produce 98% of dog and cat food made in the US. As the trade association, PFI focuses on promoting legislation and policies that supports the manufacturing of safe pet food.   

All pets, like humans, have a story.  I will be sharing the stories of the pets that were part of this special project commissioned by PFI. I know you will love seeing them all.  

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