Alice Wins Again

Alice, a 12-year-old yellow lab, has the most amazing personality. The sparkle in her eyes and her big doggie grin are the first signs you are about to get an invitation. When she grabs one of her favorite balls, you know that invite is to play.  

She is a Washington DC native so it was only fitting to select one of her favorite hangouts in the city for her Pet Food Institute photo shoot.  

As soon as the Jeep stopped at entrance to the United States National Arboretum, she was ready to roll and jumped out with one of her favorite balls in her mouth. 

While we scouted for the perfect location, Alice was getting a bit antsy.  Her impatience melted away the minute her ball was in the air. She may be 12 years old, but she proved during her shoot she can jump, catch a ball, and run as fast as a lot of younger dogs.   

These two are major league fetch players. Just like any pro ballgame, there are a couple of challenges related to doggy patience and ball retention. After further review, each one was settled in Alice‚Äôs favor, simply because she has Chandler wrapped around her big beautiful yellow paw. 

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