A Touch of Blue

Yesterday I needed a reminder to slow down, and concentrate on only one task at a time.  Cutting through one of my favorite garden walks on the way to the metro I was focused on getting back to my desk.

Hurrying along I wasn’t hearing the birds sing, the buzzing bees, or enjoying the many butterflies along the path. In my haste, my lens cap dropped from my pocket into the water.  Reaching for it I was far from pleased that this little mistake was going to cost me the precious minutes I needed to make the next train.

There it was, that reminder I needed.  This simple blue flower illuminated in the late afternoon light was all it took to slow me down.  This bloom was different than others along the way. My focus went from missing the train, to how to capture this image to tell the story of my day.

Creative thoughts washed away the tension of the day. Who knew that all I really needed yesterday was just a touch of blue?

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